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StartUP Consultants is a financial and business development firm specializing in a broad array of services with particular emphasis on growing businesses and industries.

StartUP has the expertise and entrepreneurial spirit to help turn your financial goals into reality. The firm is comprised of innovative professionals who have extensive transactional experience with backgrounds in finance, law, management and entrepreneurial endeavors. We believe that by combining a powerful mix of people, insights, industry expertise and access, plus transactional knowledge and experience, StartUP enables clients to capitalize on and realize opportunities for maximizing their true potential.

StartUP serves companies that have unique products or services substantial growth prospects, and the vision and experience to execute on a well-conceived plan.

Given the current state of the Global Economy and trouble financial markets opportunity must be sought and growing businesses that have proven track records and tremendous long term value is the place to find this opportunity.

StartUP takes prides in seeking and recognizing value in businesses that are often overlooked. We bring people and businesses together that traditionally would not have found one another. StartUP develops real businesses that make sense, that have value and more importantly show profitability.